Hampton Beach, NH

The Wall is the most popular place to surf in New Hampshire. It features a long stretch of beach that is surfable end to end. It is a very active beach. There are your regular beach goers and others who run and walk along the wall. Most people surf off of 10th street which is usually full of locals just hanging out watching the waves. The Wall is a great beach with lots going on at all times. The Wall is the most versatile place to surf meaning it can handle the most different types of conditions. The Wall is a great place to surf when the waves are small and you are looking for a relaxing surf. The Wall can also handle lager waves as well. The only problem in larger waves is paddling out. The Wall can handle any swell but, if it gets much bigger than 5 or 6 feet it would be a waste of time and effort to try and paddle out. The Wall can handle some wind, but not too much. If it is really windy the waves get mushy and messy making it very difficult to get a good ride. If the wind is offshore the waves are perfect and sometimes there are great barrels at the Wall. The Wall is a great place to surf in most conditions unless it gets to big.

The Wall is able to handle many different types of swell conditons. It is great during a small swell, but can handle up to about a 5 to 6 foot swell. After that it would be extremely hard to paddle out in bigger conditions. The Wall is the best when there is offshore wind, which can create barrels and ideal surf conditions. All along the Wall there is metered parking. Only on real busy summer days is it difficult to find a spot. That is the only option for parking, so if you cannot find a spot you will just have to be patient. The water can get very crowded in the summer, but on most days you are able to find your own space where you won’t have to fight many others for waves. As far as the surfers that surf the Wall, there are usually beginners all the way up to very experienced surfers. It is a great place to learn to surf, but also produces some great waves that only more experienced surfers would be able to surf. So depending on the conditions it is a great place for all types of surfers.

The best surf shop near “The Wall” is CINNAMON RAINBOW SURF SHOP – http://www.cinnamonrainbows.com/

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