Nauset Light Beach Orleans, MA

The Cape’s surf scene is becoming more prevalent and popular in the summer months. Nauset Light Beach attracts surfers of all ages and skill types.  The type of swell you can see at Nauset Light is a light offshore breeze. The best swells come into Nauset when the tide is at its lowest. With a good breeze and a favorable tide level the surf is consistently about knee to waist high. It is more suitable for beginners to intermediate surfers. When there is an offshore storm or very windy day you can expect surfers from all over the cape and New England to come out to Cape Cod National Sea Shore, where Nauset light is located.

Since surfing conditions along Cape Cod’s shoreline tend to be inconsistent, some visitors think that surfing waves with a buddy at the Cape would be something that never happened. I think that most people need to give cape surfing a chance before they judge it.


People usually come here for a couple weeks in the summer and don’t see a swell so they think there’s no surf. If there is a good ground swell from a storm reasonably off shore, waves at the cape can become challenging. The Cape’s shoreline is so large that it provides surfers with elbow room. This open space to relax and not be crowded by other surfers is a quality that surfing spots in places like Hawaii and Australia don’t have. The National Seashore has 40 miles of open beach and countless beach breaks to go along with it. Uncrowded waves are mostly a thing of the past in Hawaii and California, but not on Cape Cod.

The growing number of surfers along the Cape’s shores is due to the overall growth of the sport itself. The popularity of surfing has increased recently. This has laid the ground work for a surfing community on Cape Cod.

The best surf shop for Nauset Light Beach is The PUMP HOUSE SURF SHOP –

If you are looking for some good food near Nauset Light Beach I would recommend The Ocean Academy Grill:

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