South Beach Martha’s Vineyard, MA

South Beach (Katama Beach), about 4 miles south of Edgartown. If you have time for only one trip to the beach and you must go with this popular, 3-mile barrier strand that has a great swell. It is accessible by bike path or shuttle bus, but very limited parking. If you have money to burn and can deal with the frequent summer visitors then Martha’s Vinyard is the place for you. The major breaks are mostly rights. South Beach is a great spot for surfers looking to do a day trip form the main land. On a good day the right to left swells at South Beach are some of the best in New England. Plan a day trip with a couple buddies and you will not regret the surfing experience. South beach is defiantly not for beginners, not because the surfing is difficult, because it is hard to access the good breaks if you do not know what you are doing.

The Surf Shop to go to in MV is THE BONEYARD SURF SHOP –

If you are looking for food I recommend Chesca’s:

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