SurfSide Beach Nantucket, MA

Located at the end of Surfside Road, a three-mile ride on paved bike path or take the shuttles. The parking at Surfside is not a problem there is plenty of parking.  It is wide beach is good for hanging on the beach or playing games like volleyball. Due to the number of people who frequent Surfside Beach during the day, it key to get to the beach early before the Island visitors take over. Shuttle service from town to Surfside Beach is available in the summer.

While it is the most consistent area in New England, don’t expected any reef breaks on Nantucket, the island is surrounded by sand. Nantucket is basically one long beach break that catches WSW to ENE swell. Surfside beach is the best place to start exploring. It is your best bet for accessible and surfable waves. The east side of the island is blocked by the Nantucket Shoals so even large easterly swells have trouble making it through.

The Surf Shop to Visit on Nantucket is the SURFARI SHOP –

If you are looking to eat I recommend Brant Point Grill:

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